Utherverse Surrender


Talent, that is how we could summarize all the action we have seen in our Halo 4v4 Championship celebrated on May 28th with a 250€ Cash Price. Infused and Viperio dominated on stage, and we saw a battle between the Proffesional Scene and the Amateur Scene, the Light against the Shadows. 

All teams showed a decent playstyle, and we had a huge representation from the Spanish (5 teams) and United Kingdom (7 teams) Communities, but in total 18 teams, fighting in a Double Bracket for 250€.

At the Grand Finals, Infused won the first map on Truth Capture the Flag, and dominated basically most of the Best of 7 series, however Viperio got 1 win on The Rig Strongholds in a close game. We also had to decide who was the Grand Finals Most Valued Player, between Arkel `Snakey´ (Infused) and Fred `Deadeye´ (Viperio) so we did make a pool on our Twitter page, and, after 80 votes, Deadeye was decided the Most Valued Player.


 Fred is 16 years old, he started playing Halo in 2013 at the launch of Halo 4, and begun    his competitive career in 2015 at Halo 5. He has attended to one event which was Gfinity  London HWC Qualifiers 2017, getting the Top 12.

He is without any doubt and from our point of view, an aspirant to be a Proffesional Halo  Player at the next Halo game.

"The tournament was well organized and enjoyable, it was  a great practise for my team"

 Don´t forget to check his Twitter account out @DeadeyeFred !!








Also, congrats to Team Infused, winner of the Surrender: Halo 4v4 Championship! The have just announced their Official Team for the European Pro League Season 3, watch the video announcement right here:


Big shoutout to all our Surrender Crew and Partners that are part of the #SURFamily, Insane Lobsters, they helped to organize this big event.

We hope to announce more tournaments this month, and more partners arriving to the Surrender Crew!

Greetings from Surrender!