Utherverse Surrender


Work, school, missions ... We know that the Master Chief is a busy soldier but he can not miss the opportunity that Surrender gives him. That's why we decided to change the schedule of the European Championship 2v2 as follows:


  • Sunday 19 March at 4:00 UK time, the tournament starts.
  • Sunday 19 March at 3:00 UK time, the registration ends.



We have been checking the records and payments made these past days, we are very grateful for your participation and we want to keep growing.

If you have already registered in the tournament and you have not paid the entrance, you will not be able to participate.


Pay the entry: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/hermes?token=73326092TN4899240&useraction=commit&rm=1&mfid=1489680745227_fba52026b6641#/checkout/login

To register after paying the entry: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/58bc3158150ba015728b4598/registration/



Why do not the participants appear on the tournament page?

The teams will be published the day of the tournament next to the bracket. We want to keep surprises for the moment.




You can take the maps of the tournament (by adding the Manager of the tournament StrongTrocity) from your files. The maps are designated by the prefix H2EC.



We are working to get the help of a caster who will cast the games through the channel Twitch of Surrender, people will enjoy and have a good time. We will clarify this topic soon!