Utherverse Surrender


We have always said that Master Chief and Cortana were the best team of 2 in Halo, but it is time to take that position and see who will compose the best couple in Europe at the 2v2 European Championship. Today we bring you all the information for the tournament.



The tournament will consist of a double elimination bracket. There will be Winners Bracket, Losers Bracket and Grand Final. The bracket you will find in our section 2V2 EU. The matches will be played at BO3 and the Grand Final at B05. The choice of maps will be made as follows:

Team A chooses the first map.

Team B chooses second map

Tie: Regret



The tournament will start on March 19th. It will be divided as follows:


March 19th at 4:00 PM UK time: The tournament starts!



The prize will be of 150 € and 3 months Xbox Live Gold code (2 for the winner couple) added to everything collected by the registrations.



Registration in the tournament you will find in our section 2V2 EU. To enter the tournament, the € 5 pass must be paid. Once the pass is paid, your registration will be confirmed and you will have the opportunity to be the best couple of Europe. In Toornment, at the time of registration, in the section Gamertag, you must put your own Gamertag and the GT of your teammate, separating it from a comma. Example. John, Cortana

The registration period is open from this hour and will end on March 19 at 3:00 PM UK time.


How to pay the pass?

The button is now available. Write your name and the name of your teammate and you will procced to the payment page. After pay, you will be redirected to the Halo 2v2 European Championship page. If you have any translation problem, contact with us and we will help you. 



We know it is a sensitive issue given the recent changes in the public game list. Thanks to all the support we have received from the community, we have made some changes that will improve the experience.



The classic map will be used. Overshield in Bottom Mid, Plasma Caster Pink 2, Assault Rifle Pink 1, Carbines in Red and Blue Base 1, Plasma Pistol Carbine 2, Storm Rifle Carbine 1 and Battle Rifles at Blue Gallery and Gallery Red.



Classic map, but keep the Energy Sword in Top Mid and remove the Splinter Grenades. Camo in Pink 1, Battle Rifle in Pink 2, Carbine in Carbine 2, Plasma Pistol in Carbine 1, Storm Rifle in Bottom Mid, Plasma Grenade in Blue and Red Gallery.



We know that Camo-Overshield was never a good combo so we removed the Camo and the Overshield move it to its original position in Trench. That's not all, the Rocket SPNKR will be replaced by the original Sniper, we want to have a show and the battle is cleaner. The shotgun will be replaced by a normal Assault Rifle. The rest of the weapons will not undergo any change. DMR in Blue and Red Platform, Battle Rifle in Tower 3 and Plasma Grenade in Blue and Red Curve.


The Rig

This map will not suffer any change, the version will be the same as the one used in Team Arena.



This map will not change, the version will be the same as the one used in Team Arena.



The stream of the games will be allowed if both teams agree. The main language will be English. We remember that we are still looking for someone to stream the games and cast them. If you are interested, send a direct message via Twitter to @SurrenderES or contact via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We want the experience in this tournament to be the best and we want to stream the matches. It will be a benefit for everyone.



At the end of the tournament, the top 12 teams will qualify for the 2v2 European Official League. We will announce more information about the European Official League in the coming days.



Schedules are not flexible. If a team does not show up after 15 minutes, please contact Surrender via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Twitter @SurrenderES



Each player has the option to put the result on the tournament page. It is obligatory to make a screenshot at the end of the game. It will be necessary if a problem occurs.


For any question, problem or interest in stream matches, please contact us via Twitter or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We expect the participation of many couples, including those formed by professional players. We hope you enjoy the event. We will announce something more along these days.

Also we give thanks to the support of Xbox Spain and SomosXbox, and Toornament for the bracket and system.

For the last, we have made a hastag for the Tournament, as you can see in the picture. Comment with that hastag and mention us to tell what´s your opinion about the tournament and your predictions!


Enjoy the Halo 2v2 European Championship!