Utherverse Surrender


We have been a time out of activity preparing something that no one would really imagine. We return with all our strength, we present the first European Championship 2v2 Halo. The trailer has already been posted on our YouTube channel and on our Twitter network.

We expect the participation of many couples, including those formed by professional players. The goal of the tournament is to promote competitiveness and fun in the European community of Halo, in addition to attracting more people to encourage them to become part of it. With this we also announce that we will make a video every week of the best clips that are recorded every day in Halo.

Our intention for the tournament and league is to stream and cast matches that are played, but Surrender does not have the capacity to do broadcast so we will do a search for someone who can help us. If you are interested, go to our section CREW and fill in the English form.

We are very happy to bring this project out, and of course we thank the sponsors who will help us to make the player experience much better. We believe it is a step above and we want to give it with all possible quality. We will publish more information soon about rules, prize pool, stream and more.  Stay tuned to our social networks on Twitter, because we will publish all the news related to the tournament and Surrender.