Utherverse Surrender

Today we could talk about the amont of competitiveness that some organizations have brought to Europe.

Two days after the Splintr Halo 5 Cup, the topic itself is being featured and shared by everyone. It is going to be something interesting and useful for all the Free Agents emerging from somewhere.

Splintr Online

His Owner, Leuis `Prsma´ Charles put all his effort to Cast and Stream matches, in fact, he is doing it every week at Mondays before the European Pro League starts! Also, the new settings that 343 Industries brought are being tested in this tournaments. From Surrender, congrats to the winner of its latest tournament, `Kings Europe´.


A 2v2 Tournament, a 4v4 tournament and a 4v4 League. This guys never stop! Through the Toornament platform, they are organizing a big amount of games for the community, not only for the Ireland and UK ones. Their next tournament will be celebrated on April 29th. Go register your team! 


As a reminder, we have just realeased our Free Agents List, thing that you can use to team with some decent people and participate in this tournaments organized by Splintr Online and HaloIreland&UK You only have to give them a chance, don´t just give up with a few Arena matches!