Utherverse Surrender

Passion for Halo, that's what we feel in Surrender. We want to do everything we can to make the community grow. Today we bring two new additions to the Crew.

David `Metalizer´Ingelaere, Caster and Co-Manager

You may know him, he was our Caster for the Halo 2v2 Euopean Championship and yes, he is joining us as our Official Caster and Co-Manager. 

"Excited to join Surrender as Caster/Co-Manager and looking forward to bring Halo eSports back to its former glory days."

Nicolaas `Nicmeister´ Nel, Jack of All Trades

The pride of the South African Community is here for basically everything. His knowledge about developing, designing and organising, in addition of the representation, sounded good on the Crew.

"I can help with involvement from South African players and tournaments aswell as help with administration work, design, tournament hosting and brainstorming aswell as help with fundamental growth"

It was funny when we had to decide his role, so... yes. Just call him Jack.

"Glad to be a part of the Surrender Samily and to help grow the competitive scene for Halo internationally."


Welcome to the #SURFamily guys!