The forums are a means of communication between members of the community where each user exposes his opinions, ideas or anything else in a good way on a specific topic. These are the rules:

  • Do not write, post or insert anything that could offend any user.
  • You have the right to publish your ideas as long as it benefits you and others.
  • Respect the community, they will also respect you.
  • Try not to share your personal information with other users such as your password, age, address or bank details.

If any infraction is committed, action will be taken on the situation.

We hope you enjoy these forums and have a good atmosphere.

Greetings from Surrender!



Surrender is here!


Welcome to the new website dedicated to all Halo content. There are many events happening in the world of this video game, and we want people to enjoy and overall promote community, respect, entertainment and sportsmanship. We do not want to lose interest, because we will not only publish things based on competition, where obviously not everyone is interested in. We will carry out activities for all audiences, upload videos, meet new faces and more.

We also include forums, interactions, multimedia... everything a community may need. The logs are already open, so you can start using all available functions. We suggest reading social rules before starting this trip that we were looking forward to.

We will publish each and every one of the news that comes to light in the world of Halo, which are always interesting and offer us much knowledge.

We will not rule out Twitch streams from Surrender and from any part of the community, as well as videos on YouTube.

Finally you can visit our Twitter page and maybe later Facebook.

Nothing more to tell you. Embark on a new journey through Halo with Surrender...



Greetings from Surrender!